Saturday, December 22, 2007

Laughing Clowns - Ghosts of an Ideal Wife

Thanks to robbie for this one

Either love or hate Ed Kuepper, by no means your standard singer or guitarist. I use to travel 'far and wide' to catch his shows.

Formed in Sydney in 1979 after the break-up of Kuepper's punk rock band The Saints. Where The Saints were a bass/drums/guitar rock band, Laughing Clowns' various line-ups included double bass,piano, tenor saxophone and trumpet. Often referred to as "jazz punk" by critics, the group's songs were often constructed around difficult time signatures and sometimes "off-key" melodies.

They released several albums, singles and EPs, including Holy Joe, Mr Uddich-Smuddich goes to town, Ghosts of an ideal wife and Law of nature. They disbanded in 1985 with Kuepper continuing to record and perform under his own name.

Ghosts of an Ideal Wife - Released 1985

Produced by Ed Kuepper

Ed Kuepper
Jeffrey Wegener
Louise Elliott
Paul Smith
Louis Tillett
Glad Reed
Diane Spence

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