Monday, December 31, 2007

Karma County - Into the Land of Promise & Good Things Come to Me EP

When Karma County first arrived on the music scene in 1995, the Australian music scene was still in the grip of the Seattle Sound. They walked on to the stages in Sydney with an acoustic guitar, a double bass, a snare drum, a box of percussion and a voice. Since then, they have waltzed their way into the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world.

From the acoustic strummings of "Postcard" to "The Men Who Ran Away From The Circus" they have ranged across an eclectic music terrain to conjure their own sonic landscape - lush, melodious, intelligent, emotive songs and sounds.

Their artistic independence has helped them maintain their edge through raw talent and a hands-on approach to the music business. Drummer Stuart Eadie creates and co-ordinates the band's visual imagery (album sleeves, t-shirts, web design, adverts), singer/guitarist Brendan Gallagher produces the music while bassist Michael Galeazzi (a.k.a. Mr Enthusiasm), rings them all up, and anybody else who will listen, and tells them what legends they are.

In early 1999 the band signed a deal with Melody Management and Universal publishing. In the same year their third album, "Into The Land Of Promise" was released on license through Warner Music. This album yielded two singles "Secret Country" and "The Men Who Ran Away From The Circus". Both singles gained airplay on Triple J and other ABC radio stations nationally.

"Into The Land Of Promise" took out the Year 2000 ARIA Award for Best Adult Contemporary Album .

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