Friday, December 14, 2007

The Johnnys - Highlights of a Dangerous Life

The Johnnys were a legendary Australian pub rock band featuring Spencer Jones (guitar and vocals) of The Beast of Bourbon and James Baker (drums) Hoodoo Gurus that fused the fun of punk rock with the 3 minute pop sensibilities of Hank Williams. They were contemporaries of The Gun Club and LA's X. The Johnnys collapsed in the late 1980s only to reform for shows in 2004 where they once again proved themselves to be absolutely brilliant showmen. Their album Highlights of Dangerous Life is a widely regarded Australian classic.


Hank said...

And The Johnnys as well! This blog is bloody fantastic! I have the vinyl with the die-cut cover where you can spin their faces... don't get that with CD's...!
Don't have my turntable up and running, so this will make a superb addition to the old iPod.

Thank you very much!

bruce said...

My pleasure Hank, long time ago I use to roadie for The Johnnys and Beasts of Bourbon when they came to Brissy, I have some more Johnnys I'll upload soon

cheers bruce

Anonymous said...

thank you again and again - you're bringing back the memories.