Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Butler Trio - Grand National

Fremantle-based vocalist/guitarist John Butler is Australia's answer to jam-oriented singer-songwriters such as Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. Butler leads his tight ensemble through an impressive set of folk-tinged rock on 2007's GRAND NATIONAL. Featuring bold, organic production by Mario Caldato, Jr. (the Beastie Boys, Beck), the album showcases the rhythmic mastery of bassist Shannon Birchall and drummer Michael Barker, while fully spotlighting Butler's amiable vocals and deft work on acoustic and electric guitars and other stringed instruments. Highlights of the immediately engaging record include the exuberant "Better Than" and the fast-paced "Funky Tonight." Those looking for another earnest and emotive jam-band hero will find him here.


tricky said...

and the gems keep comin'

here's some Powderfinger I just finished uploading 4 ya Bruce (I spelled the album name wrong though): I'll have to find the other ones and upload soon

I do have truckloads of stuff but have no time to set up a blog. I wonder if you have any of the CD's shown at the following website:

I have The Church only. Would love to hear the Ian Moss and The ANgels ones, plus many more.



bruce said...

tricky, I've got a busy night planned, posting the scientists, sunnyboys, another died pretty
I'll check out the site and see what I've got. Check out your comment with powder the address is long and stops at the o in odyssey the other address is fine.... wont let me in to rapidshare. Maybe could you cut the address in half and load over two lines. I'm having this problem with most address left in the comments. Sorry about this hassle mate... stay good b

tricky said...


not sure if this is what u meant. I can see the address fine in the comments

bruce said...

your a magician my man, best thing about starting this blog has been meeting fine dudes like you
cheers tricky

wils said...

ohh the link is not working!