Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jet - Singles and Rarities

Jet is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, whose debut album Get Born, released in 2003, has so far sold over four million copies throughout the world. The band is influenced by groups such as AC/DC, Queen, The Beatles, Sweet, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Easybeats, The Faces, and The Kinks.

Whenever the proverbial Next Big Thing rolls around, it usually takes a few different bands to push the style into the mainstream. With grunge, Nirvana lit the spark, but it was Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots who convinced everyone the Seattle sound was no fluke. In the case of the New Rock phenomenon, the Strokes brought style and the White Stripes added artiness, but with GET BORN, Jet put all the pieces together.

Perhaps the first band of the genre to completely absorb and effectively reconfigure classic rock & roll influences without a trace of winking irony, Jet not only swaggers like the Stones and pouts like Iggy Pop, but injects sorely needed doses of romanticism and variety into a style that otherwise often seems perilously close to oldies revivalism. The most immediate difference between the Australian foursome and their shaggy-haired brethren is the band's talent for soaring sad songs. On the gorgeous "Look What You've Done" and "Radio Song," Jet proves that trashy guitars and neo-garage sneering are not the only way to rock, in the process satisfying both fans of piano-driven ballads and the much edgier NYC sound.


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Amazing boot from an great band.
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