Sunday, December 30, 2007

Go- Betweens - The Lost Album 78 'til 79

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Made in Forster's bedroom in 1978 and 1979. Forster has been quoted as saying that this is the band's first album and while there is romanticism to such a statement, in reality there is not enough here for a whole album. That said, it is a clear indication of the Go-Between's 1970s sound and on tracks like Long Lonely Day and Obsession with You, there is so much raw potential that you can almost hear what might have been had Brad Shepherd of the FunThings (and later - the Hoodoo Gurus) been coaxed into becoming a Go-Between.

This is definitely a Robert Forster album - his distinctive songwriting skills well in evidence, the trademark jerky staccato of his guitar and yet the revelation is the imaginative and inventive bass playing of McLennan.

The Go-Betweens, more than any other Australian band, have a well documented history, with bootleg demos in existence from nearly all phases of their career. This one is important in showing their developmental years and for laying their roots in the sound of the 1960s out for all to hear.

Band Members

Robert Forster
Grant McLennan

Adele Pickvance (2000–2007)
Amanda Brown (1986–1989)
Carrie Brownstein (The Friends of Rachel Worth)
Corin Tucker (The Friends of Rachel Worth)
Glenn Thompson (2002–2007)
Janet Weiss (The Friends of Rachel Worth)
John Willsteed (1987–1989)
Lindy Morrison (1980–1989)
Lissa Ross (1978)
Robert Vickers (1983–1987)
Tim Mustapha (1978–1979)

Bruce Anthon (drums) late 70's


drmusic said...

You forgot Bruce Anthon (drums), late Seventies. The only time I saw the Gobetweens play 78 or 9 I think, he was on drums. Best drummer in Brisbane, one of the best in Australia. I ended up in a band with him a couple of years later.


Last drummer I worked with was Mr, Earl in 2006

bruce said...

cheers I,ll add to the list

bruce said...

Would that be Cameron Earl? If it is I have a long history with Cam....

drmusic said...

Yes, That Mr. Earl. We jammed for a couple of months in 2006, also in the band was Tony "Hounddog" Harper & 2 of my cohorts from the Eighties, Buzz Busby & Daze Robinson. Cameron & I met up the year before at an acoustic Died Pretty gig in Newtown. He used to come to my gigs in Brisbane in 1984-85 & heckle my band (good natured heckling). I'm not sure if I know you too Bruce? My bands were: Les Bon Bons (82-84), Trans Love Energies (84-85) & Flyin' Tigers (Sydney 1987-91). I also did vocals on a single by Naked Lunch (looking for a digital copy of this) in 1986.


bruce said...

So Cam went to Sydney. I was giging with Cam 84 -85. I know Tony Harper, Brisbane was a small place in the 80's 'love Inn' "the out post' 'the national hotel' I can remember places in the valley and up town, names seem to evade me. We probably met, saw each others bands. Again dates are fuzzy... my main bands Carp'e Diem, Hand to Mouth with John Caskey, Chrysalids with Cam and Alex, then Mad Parade...spent a while in Sydney with Speedie worked with The Big Day Out . Went back to Uni.... went surfing....Long time ago, say hello to Cam for me. Happy new year drmusic

Anonymous said...

I have just been going thru my old photos and came across a few with Lissa Ross in the GoBetweens (as a 4 piece) try and go to the GoBetweens section. Not a real site a mere dumping ground, so no complaints, OK