Thursday, December 27, 2007

Go-Betweens - Botony Tapes

These sessions were demos and rehearsals for the follow-up album to 16 Lovers' Lane, to be called Freakchild. That the album never saw the light of day was down to the fairly acrimonious disintegration of the band, however a number of the songs here were featured in the solo albums of Forster and McLennan.

Songs 1-20 feature Forster and McLennan and their acoustic guitars playing the songs the way they would play them at numerous record store and low key club gigs between the demise of the band and the reformation. Tracks 21 - 27 feature the band rehearsing the new material.

I also have 'The Lost Album 78-79' and 'My Way' a live recording, I'll be posting in the future.


tricky said...

thanks Bruce

good stuff.

here's something for the lovers of covers

a recent tribute album to the Go Betweens .. songs by Aussie Artists

bruce said...

always a pleasure tricky, can't wait to hear this one..... got a back load of stuff I want to download off Rapidshare might have to join.... bugger

tricky said...

another go betweens covers album

thanks to original uploader

bruce said...

adding to my collection...
happy new year tricky