Sunday, December 16, 2007

Died Pretty - Doughboy Hollow

In late 1989, the group records their final Beggars Banquet/Blue Mosque album, 'Doughboy Hollow', in Sydney at Trafalgar Studios where they have cut the bulk of their records. This time, looking for a more organic sound, they enlist the English producer/engineer Hugh Jones (Echo and the Bunnymen, Kitchens Of Distinction) and in the process the band takes a quantum leap. The melodic subtleties which always suggested themselves in previous albums are brought to the fore, producing a spacious grandeur unparalleled even by the standards of this extraordinary group. Ronald's howls, yelps and croonings weave amongst melodic guitar torrents, whilst bass player Clark and drummer Welsh create a rhythmic roller coaster, full of sudden peaks and valleys. After recording, Brisbanite Robbie Warren replaces Steve Clark on bass.


Anonymous said...

Thank you bruce for all these wonderfull records!

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