Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Acoustic Lounge - Midnight Oil

tricky at his best

One proud Aussie band wearing their heritage on their sleeves. Peter in talkative mode, band tight and powerful, harmonies in full flow. Rob Hurst one very underrated drummer. Even have a hammond organ groovin' along nicely.

One fine album, one fine band. This here my friends in a must have addition to your collection. One true reflection of Australian 'Pub Rock', a little insight into the way Australians think.

Peter Garrett, singer and spokesperson for the Oil, is now Minister for The Environment in Australia, there's a good chance that one day this intelligent and articulate man could one day be PM of our great country.

Play it load and jump around the room. May the fire in your belly never die. Couldn't find a cover so I improvised.

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