Sunday, December 23, 2007

4ZZZ Tapes - History of Brisbane Bands 1975 - 1995

Thank you to 'Overhere'

Every band that calls Brisbane home owes a debt to this radio station. The motto for the station is agitate, educate, organize.

4ZzZ (pronounced "Four Triple Zed" or simply "Triple Zed") is an independent community radio station operating in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, at the frequency 102.1 FM. As a community radio station, 4ZzZ is a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

4ZzZ grew out of Queensland's sixties civil liberties movement. It was established to provide a radical alternative to mainstream news, give experience to those who wanted to later join the mainstream media and to promote Australian Rock Music. The station began transmission on 8th December 1975 as the first FM community broadcaster in Brisbane transmitting in stereo. The station's first studios were constructed by announcing staff and volunteers, using second hand building materials and furniture. The first transmitter was hand built by the station engineer. The first track played on ZZZ was the Who's "Won't get fooled again!"

Brisbane bands popularised in the early days 4ZzZ included the Saints and the Go Betweens.

On 14 December 1988, 4ZzZ was taken off air and forcibly evicted from its University of Queensland premises by the then UQ Union ALSF and Young Nationals student union executive. While university students rallied to support the station, 4ZZZ moved to alternative premises on Coronation Drive in the suburb of Toowong. In 1992 the station moved to its current premises in the former Communist Party Headquarters on St Paul's Terrace, Fortitude Valley.

What we have here are a series on radio tapes broadcasted by 4ZZZ. This one here is Episode 6, song list below. This is a single mp3, containing the songs , interviews and comments from the DJ, great sound quality.


The Dark Age - Repeat
Hotel Breslin - Death Row Road

Thanks for the Fish - Small Town Hicksville

Love Gone Wrong - Hey Stephen

The Wickermen - It Happens

The Stinsons - Top Mark

The Crysalids - Sunny Guitar Pop

Boxcar - Boiling Point

Wonderous Fair - The Tallest Building in the World

The Fun Addicts - Mandela

Batswing Saloon - Harold and Maud

Cut - Wound

Cut – Returning

Track 6, The Chrsalids- Sunny Pop Guitar, Yes folks yours truly on bass. The band folded just after this was recorded. Why? I loved every second of 6 years we played together; Alex and I started the band back in 84 with Ivan on drums. Drummers came and went, with Cameron being the most regular. We made a few records, toured up and down the coast. Tried our luck in Sydney for a while, we had a solid fan base, received decent press. Bands just have a ‘use by date’ and we reached ours. I went on to “Mad Parade’ Alex ‘Spinny Norman Experience’ Cameron played with nearly ever band in Brisbane during this time.

The Chrysalids
Brisbane 1984 – 1990

Members :

Catherine Attow - Drums
Alex Waller - Guitar Vocals
Cameron Earle - Drums
Graham Jackson - Guitar Vocals

John Lloyd - Drums
Brian Mann - Guitar
Michael Faggioni - Drums
Bruce Swartz - Bass
Ivan – Drums


Paislie said...

Thanks heaps. I was a fan of the Chrysalids back then. I was also in a band, as well as being on TripleZ and working as one of the house mixers at the Outpost. The band scene seemed to be thriving until all the venues got demolished and there were very few places left to play. It was Sydney or die back then. Having been out of it so long now, I have no idea if that's still the case.

Your comment about drummers made me remember that there was a distinct shortage of good drummers at the time and most seemed to be in more than one band!

I don't know if you'd be interested, but I am in the middle of ripping some music from cassette, which includes other Brisbane bands from the day, as well as the Queensland in Quarantine cassette. Let me know if you'd like me to upload them for you. Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy,I worked with a band member,loved the music.Cannot remember his name now,very hazy.I made a guitar strap for whomever played a Gretch(bass?).Rock on mate!Shaun